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Top 7 best cities in Australia for students (2021)

Your next thought is to determine which city will be best for you after choosing the country where you will study. There are a large number of world-class colleges and universities in Australia to choose from. Studying in Australia will allow students to learn a lot about Australian culture and way of life.

Another outstanding feature of Universities in Australia, aside from being some of the best education providers, is that you’re given the option of choosing your location. However, even if your city is renowned for its excellent education system, choosing might still be difficult for you.

Every year approximately 3, 00 000 international students choose Australia to be their study destination. ABK Consultancy has sent more than 40,000 students to study in the country of their choice.

1. Sydney

A top student city in the world, Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular metropolitan areas. Winters are mild and summers are warm in the city. The city boasts a population of over two million people, beautiful scenery, coffee shops, and world-renowned universities.

However, Sydney does offer great job opportunities for students looking for work experience while studying. It is a multicultural and welcoming city with more than 180 nationalities.

The city has many other great attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Queen Victoria Building, and many more.

2. Melbourne

Australia’s third best student city, Melbourne, offers an excellent quality of life and fantastic career opportunities, making the city a perfect choice for students. It’s that time of year again: Melbourne’s cultural capital and nearly 270,000 university students choose to study there. Students get numerous job opportunities due to its ranking as the 10th best city for ’employer activity globally.

A beautiful natural environment, vibrant culture, and world-class universities help create a welcoming environment for international students.

In addition to generating many employment opportunities for students, Brisbane’s economic growth also helps graduates find employment.

Students can quickly get job opportunities in the country because the job market is well developed.

Melbourne is the city with the highest density of cafes and restaurants per capita. A Pirate in Melbourne must not be traded with, according to the Crimes Act of 1958…

3. Brisbane

A high-quality, accessible lifestyle makes Brisbane one of the most popular locations for students worldwide. International students looking to study in Australia will find Brisbane more affordable than other Australian cities. The city offers the opportunity to discover different cultures and festivals in this city, thanks to Australia’s most extensive Gallery of Modern Art.

As the Sunshine State, Queensland experiences more than 300 sunny days per year. Many attractions are available in this city, including the Great Barrier Reef, coastal beaches, the Daintree Rainforest, etc. The city is quite affordable for students, as they get 50% off of TransLink public transportation.

4. Perth

Growing employment rates and a strong economy have made Perth an internationally recognized city. Several English language colleges and vocational institutes are located in the town, providing world-class education. A public transportation system that is efficient and affordable housing that is both a plus for international students.

It is not just the world-famous universities that draw students to Perth, but also its beautiful natural scenery. The leisure time of students is filled with a variety of options.

5. Canberra

The capital of Australia, Canberra, is famous for its museums, universities, and world-renowned research centres. In Canberra, the roads and public transportation are excellent, and the infrastructure is good. It is a relatively affordable option that attracts students around the world. There are many opportunities for students to study in Australia in this vibrant city filled with fantastic nature.

Additionally, Canberra has a reputation for being the safest city and for hot air ballooning.
Three-quarters of the city’s students are international, including 9,000 foreign undergraduates. Consider applying now if you’re interested. The experts at our firm will guide you through all the steps involved in studying abroad in Australia.

6. Adelaide

Aside from the world’s most beautiful beaches and wine districts, the city is called the most contested city. Over 150 countries send students to Adelaide, making Adelaide’s population 20 percent non-Australian.
Adelaide is also known as ‘Festival State’ because of the large number of festivals and events.

7. Gold Cost

Surf, sand, and sun are the hallmarks of the Gold Coast. It has several universities offering world-class education as it is the sixth-largest city in Australia. About 30 000 students are enrolled in the city’s universities.

A beautiful beach and friendly residents are the city’s best features. In addition to these festivals, the Gold Coast is home to various cultural festivals featuring cultures from around the world, such as living, culture, tradition, etc.

There are many part-time jobs available on the Gold Coast for students looking for part-time work. Students can take advantage of part-time employment to learn and gain valuable skills.
Do you still have a hard time deciding which city will suit you best?
You can benefit from our assistance in the process if you schedule an appointment with our team today.

In our years of service, thousands of students have succeeded in academics. You can do the same. Get in touch with us now.

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