Our Services

The core business of ABK Consultancy is 'Education and Migration Services'. We provide genuine education consultation to students in applying to Colleges / Universities in Australia and India, and migration service to Australia. 
To be more precise, we help students to make the right local and overseas education decisions. Moreover, we deliver our expertise in assessing your eligibility for migration to Australia and reliable advice on your optimal visa plan in Australia. We will also extend our migration services to your family members who wish to join you or stand by you either to celebrate your achievement and success or to be with for short-term.

  • Education
  • Skill Assessment of qualification and work experience
  • Migration 


At ABK Consultancy, we have provided reliable services to international students and parents from various countries. Our services come highly commended by many of our clients and business partners. At present, many international students who have been serviced by ABK Consultancy are studying in local Colleges and Universities. 
Our expert team can provide you with career counselling and assist you in your admission and visa application. We also provide settlement assistance to our students once they are in Australia. 
Some of the many services we can provide you include

  • English Language Courses 
  • Primary/Secondary School 
  • Vocational Training 
  • Higher Education 
  • Postgraduate 

For further information please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ('DIBP') website Click Here 

Application fees are charged by some institutions. However, ABK Consultancy can arrange for a FREE offer letter from leading educational institutions in most of the cases. 
Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories. 


The laws surrounding migration are complex, confusing and ever changing. For anyone wanting to secure the right to live, work or operate a business in Australia, there are a multitude of hurdles to overcome first. Business and work visas are among the most difficult to obtain. Not only is there an extensive list of requirements to be met, there are numerous procedures to be properly followed. Without the assistance of a migration agent, the road to securing an appropriate visa can be long, arduous and not always successful.
ABK Consultancy has team of people who has the knowledge, skills and experience to guide applicants through all migration related matters. From initial visa viability, strategic advice on internal immigration policies and resources through to determination, our migration agents give full support to our clients' visa and migration needs.
It is not ABK Consultancy's responsibility to inform and remind you of relevant dates including any visa expiry date.

At ABK Consultancy, we offer a broad range of migration services including an assessment of immigration options, preparation of migration applications, submissions to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, and appeals for refusals and cancellations of visas or any other issue relating to Australian migration law.
Our team of professional staff are lawyers and migration agents(MARN 1385262) who can provide you with up-to-date information for visa assessments and applications across a wide range of categories. We will provide you with the best professional advice and help you select (and process your application for) the most relevant visa or subclass category. 
We represent clients from all over the world and have extensive experience in effectively handling issues affecting clients across a broad spectrum of nations. ABK Consultancy is more than your ordinary representative as we take you through each step in the immigration process. 
We assist individuals with their visa applications and organisations needing to transfer skilled staff and their families from abroad, either on a temporary or permanent basis. When applications encounter difficulty, our migration agent represents our clients' interests in the Migration Review Tribunal.

Migration Agents Registration Authority Code of Conduct: All the migration service providers in Australia are bound by the MARA – Code of Conduct. The code regulates the conduct of Registered Migration Agents and is prescribed in Schedule 2 of Regulation 8 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998. It is an offence to provide migration advice without MARA license except where such person falls in one of the exceptions.

The Migration Agents Code of Conduct can be downloaded at the link below:

Click Here

We Deal with the following Australian visa categories :

  • Business Migration
  • Family, Partner & Spouse 
  • Permanent visa 
  • Skilled 
  • Student 
  • Temporary visa 
  • Visitor & Holidaymakers 
  • Health or character matters 
  • Visa cancellation 
  • All other visas & immigration related matters


If you have experience in the business industry i.e. you have your own business, you have been involved in senior management or have conducted substantial investment activities and are interested in purchasing and existing ownership or starting out a new business you may be eligible to apply through one of these visa categories: 

  • Business Talent
  • Business Owner 
  • Senior Executive 
  • Investment 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories. 


There are a number of options for partners, children, parents and other family members on the basis of a relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. If you have a family member in Australia and would like to migrate to Australia, you may be eligible to apply for one of the sub-classes in this category such as: 

  • Spouse or partner 
  • Prospective marriage 
  • Parent 
  • Child 
  • Remaining relative 
  • Career 
  • Aged dependent relative 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories.


If you are a professionals or other skilled migrant who has skills in particular occupations required in Australia you may be eligible for one of the visa categories of this visa class such as

  • Skilled Independent 
  • Skilled State/Territory Nominated Independent 
  • Skilled Australian Sponsored 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories. 


Australian education is rated among the best within the western world. Each year thousands of students come to Australia to achieve their dreams. The Australian student visa is the major pathway for permanent residency for thousands of students each year. Students can legally work during study (with some limitations). 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories. 

Temporary Migration 

If you would like to visit Australia for a holiday, sightseeing, recreation or to visit family and friends you may be eligible temporary migration visas such as:

  • Working Holiday 
  • Onshore Graduate Temporary 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your eligibility for the above categories. 

If you decide to apply for permanent residency you may ask the employer company to support your application under the Employer Nomination Scheme.